Customer Consultation and Estate Evaluation

We first sit down with our potential clients and discuss their needs.  Each
person/situation has unique needs, which may include
, but are not limited to the
liquidation of a lost one’s estate, downsizing, moving, divorce or foreclosure.  We

will evaluate the situation and estate and work towards the best possible solution,
whether it may or may not be an estate sale.  If in fact an estate sale is not the final
resolution, we can recommend and refer other services such as licensed auctioneers
or buy out persons.

If an estate sale is the conclusive answer to the customers needs, we will then

discuss the potential estate worth, review marketing strategies, dates of a possible
sale and pre-sale access.  Upon the client’s approval and consent, we will provide a
detailed and legal binding contract stating the responsibilities and
obligations of both
parties involved.  All information between the client and Mojo Estate Sales is
confidential and will not be shared with any outside parties.

Pre-Sale Operations

The pre-sale stage can range anywhere from a couple of days up to a month or two
prior to the sale depending on the size, amount and/or quality of the items
Mojo Estate sales will provide the following
services during this stage:

Obtain all required city permits
Abide by city and street regulations including parking
Safe proof the estate by posting signs for low areas
steepstairs or any potentially
hazardous areas
Create a customer control plan, which may include the limitation of persons in the
estate at one time in order to provide fast checkout times and a comfortable
shopping environment
Post all sales hours, codes of conduct, bidding, payment and discount policies in

visible areas
Review and plan liquidation options with the client regarding trash disposal,

charities, buy out parties, etc.

Pricing and Merchandising

Our goal and intent is to price all items with the highest possible value and to make
your sale successful.  We utilize numerous areas of expertise when pricing items
including personal knowledge, reference materials, antique dealers, collectors and
the internet to name a few.  We professionally display all items in a way that is
attractive and inviting to the customers.  We provide tables,
tablecloths, racks and
lock boxes for valuable items such as jewelry and coins as needed.  All small valuable
items are kept near the cashier to ensure their safety.  Special care will be used
when handling and placing al breakable and valuable items.

We will price items accordingly with traditional stickers, string tags and post-it
depending on the item and value.  In addition we will keep a list of the most valuable
items with their prices at the checkout to ensure there is no price tag swapping.


Advertising is on us and we will advertise using numerous effective methods to make
sure your sale is successful.  We
may place ads in the KC Star (print and online) and
possibly your local area paper
.  We will advertise online as well using many
resources.  We advertise on both EstateSales.Org and EstateSales.Net, which are the
2 leading estate sale companies with more than 20,000 followers in the KC Metro
area.  We also post on social media including Facebook, FB groups, Twitter and
Craigslist.  The sale is listed on our website and we send an email notification to our
personal mailing list. Lastly, we place large professional signage on designated cross
streets to bring in local traffic.

Sale Operations

This is the easiest part of the sale.  All of the hard work has already been done and
it's smooth sailing from here.  We will staff accordingly and ensure that the sale runs
smoothly.  We create a user friendly buying environment and provide knowledge of
all necessary information to the staff in order to expedite all customer purchases.  
We are very courteous and kind to our customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Post-Sale Operations

The final sale summary report will be mailed out to the client normally within 7 days
along with our business check with
the sale proceeds minus our commission.  After
the sale, final ar
rangements are made for the removal of the remaining items.  Once
the remaining items have been liquidated, we
can vacuum and broom sweep the
if needed.  If there is extensive trash, we can arrange for a dumpster or a
trash removal service if needed and deduct the costs from the sale proceeds if the
client approves.  If needed, we can also provide references for professional cleaning,
facility improvements and realtors.
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