About Our Business

Mojo Estate Sales is a licensed and insured professional estate
sale/liquidation service located in the Kansas City area.  We are a family
owned and operated business and truly understand the importance of
providing high quality and honest services.  Our goal is to maximize your
estate sales profit while providing you with the best possible customer

About Me

My name is Arin Woodson, and I am the owner of Mojo Estate Sales.  I
have worked most of my life in corporate for a large name company. One
morning I woke up and decided I wanted something more, sat down and
contemplated business ideas. I thought back of the antique store my
mother used to own at the Ozarks and the estate sale my grandmother
recently bought out. I thought about how much I loved garage-saling
when I was younger and having my own sales twice a year and actually
enjoyed it! A couple of weeks later, Mojo Estate sales was born. The
company was named after my now 20 year old daughter, Mariah Josette
and as you may have figured, her nickname is Mojo.  

In starting this company, I had hopes that this business woud be
something I could share with my daughter in the future. While she has
enjoyed working with me through the years, she ended up having her
own dreams and ambitions, which is perfectly fine with me! It's been an
amazing journey and I look forward to continuing it. Family is a very
important part of my life and I incorporate that quality with my clients as
well. Whether my services are called upon due to a loss in the family,
downsizing or simply moving, I understand that this is a very tough
process to go through and am very understanding and flexible to each
clients needs.

Please allow me to provide you with caring, understanding and
outstanding service when it comes to your estate liquidation needs. Trust
our family with your family's business.


Arin Woodson
All rights reserved.
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