Mojo Estate Sales

Mojo Estate Sales is a licensed and insured professional estate sale/
liquidation service located in the Kansas City area.  We are a family
owned and operated business and truly understand the importance of
providing high quality and honest services.  Our goal is to maximize
your estate sales profit while providing you with the best possible
customer service.

Dealing with someone’s estate is a very personal and delicate
situation.  We pride ourselves in treating our customers with respect,
honesty, flexibility and understanding.  Losing someone close to you
is not the only reason one might have an estate sale.  We provide
services to people in all different situations
, including moving and
downsizing.  Whatever your case may be, we’re sure we can assist.

What Can Mojo Estate Sales Offer You?

We offer a complimentary consultation with no obligation, to discuss
your situation, provide answers to your questions and make
suggestions to other alternatives if an estate sale is not the way to

Our services include:        

•        Complimentary Consultation and Estate Evaluation
•        Pre-Sale Operations
•        Pricing and Merchandising
•        Advertising
•        Sale Operations
•        Post-Sale Operations

Please see our services page for additional details on each service
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Mojo Estate Sales
Trust our family with your family's business

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